Sneak Peak

You found a secret page!
While there is no official reward for finding this, I’ll let you in on a little secret about an upcoming workshop. Nothing is official yet, so keep looking for updates.
We are planning on running one on January 2nd. We will have physical kits to go out to every participant. We will be officially announcing more information soon. 
We just need to get the kits and figure out how long we should run one for!
Compared to our others, it will be a more expensive workshop, but you will be allowed to keep the kit when you are done. This means students will be able to show off their creation even after we are done. They will also be able to keep working on it.

We hope this will serve to satisfy the need to have something to do that isn’t virtual. We understand we will be communicating virtually, but at least everyone will have an actual product in front of them to work on.