Phil Tucker Project

The Phil Tucker Project, named after the late 2614 mentor, Phil Tucker, is a huge goal of the Titans. The average lifespan of a First Robotics Competiton (FRC) team is 3 years, so we travel to different FIRST teams to provide the resources they need in order to thrive so that one day, they will be independent and help other newer FIRST teams for years to come.



This project started with 7274 when the Pittsburgh Public School had been given funding for an FRC team. We traveled to their workshop and to a local practice field to help them build their Everybot for the year.


The Pittsburgh Public Schools soon gave funding for two more schools: Milliones and Pittsburgh Sci-Tech. Because it logistically would be too much to have Titans spread out to three different teams plus some at our own meetings, Pittsburgh Sci-Tech offered a classroom as a workspace and the three teams received the help they needed. Brashear did not need as many Titans to mentor, so we were able to focus a lot more on the two newer rookie teams.

Titans helping Milliones School at a practice field.



Because of the widespread success of the three FRC teams (Plus FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Lego League in Sci Tech School), Westinghouse created an FRC team. These teams met up at the Pittsburgh Sci-Tech School just like last year, but now, students from Sci-Tech were able to help out Brashear, Milliones, and Westinghouse. Not only did we mentor these teams here, but we also went out of our way to mentor Marion Center, Steel Dragons, Dark Side Robotics, Steubenville, and Mammoths. We have seen immense growth from Sci Tech and Brashear and we hope that next year, our help will not be needed for them to flourish.



Titans and Pittsburgh Public School FIRST teams after a meeting.

Titans Helping Brashear with their shooter.