Titanium Titans Robotics


2018-2019 Titanium Titans with robot “Krios”

Titanium Titans Robotics provides students in southwest Pennsylvania with the opportunity to build robots, compete in regional and international robotics events, and develop the next generation of problem-solvers. As members of Titanium Titans FRC #4467, high school students are provided with an affordable means of participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition. With the guidance of skilled volunteer mentors and the financial support of corporate sponsors, students engage in extraordinary problem-solving scenarios that help prepare them for college and a career….while having fun!

Through their involvement with robotics competitions, local company tours, and educational workshops and camps, Titanium Titans:

  1. learn and develop technical skills using real industrial-grade robotic technology,
  2. solve complicated engineering problems,
  3. pursue technical careers, spanning the spectrum from high level engineering to maintenance technician, upon graduation, and
  4. create an environment that simulates a large scale technology/engineering company, while enabling students to learn important life lessons like teamwork, leadership, communication, project management and gracious professionalism.

Titans Robotics is dedicated to workforce development and establishing a pipeline of younger students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Titanium Titans FRC #4467 Competition Team

By participating in FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) robotics competitions, Titanium Titans Robotics introduces young people to real-world engineering challenges through the fun and excitement of building robots to play a sophisticated sports-like game. But it’s more than just a game! The competition team faces critical engineering design challenges that must be met within a short 6-week build season. They put their building, design, and programming skills to the test while learning new problem solving methods, and technology skills. In addition, they engage in a wide range of business applications such as fundraising, event management, press relations, business planning, and project management.

Effective communication and teamwork are key success factors in the FIRST world.



Left:  Pittsburgh Regional, March, 2019

Right:  Canonsburg 4th of July Parade




To ensure the next generation of Titanium Titans are prepared for the challenge of the competition field, the team offers after-school programs, weekend workshops, and summer day camps to younger students, in addition to hosting scrimmages for younger students on robotics teams. Visit our outreach page, follow us on Facebook or contact us directly for details about upcoming programming and robotics events for children in the Canonsburg area.

History of Titanium Titans FRC #4467

The Titanium Titans are comprised of high school students from a variety of high schools throughout Washington County, Pennsylvania. The team was created through a partnership between the Western Area Career & Technology Center (WACTC) FIRST Robotics Team and the Peters Township Public Library Robotics Team in June of 2013.  Both teams competed separately at the Pittsburgh Regional Competition as first year rookie teams. The teams were combined the following year to create a widespread community-based team in Washington County, known as the Titanium Titans. For the 2016 and 2017 seasons the Titans were nomadic and lacked a permanent location, using space in the business of a sponsor, Lightwave International, for the build season.  During this time, members of the Titanium Titans formed Titanium Titans, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing robotic technology and business related skills in our student participants and to increasing interest in technology exploration among young people in the surrounding communities. In the summer of 2017, the Titans moved to The Armory Youth Center in downtown Canonsburg, and are currently using the location as a build space and center for community outreach.