Titanium Titan Robotics Workshops Timeline

The Titanium Titans have organized a variety of workshops in the interest of encouraging young people to learn more about robots, as well as educating the community with broader STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)-related activities. If you are interested in our current workshop schedule, please contact us at Info@TitaniumTitans.org.

2014 Robotics Workshops

Exploring Robotics Workshops

June 16, 2014 and July 17, 2014

Boy Scout Robotics Merit Badge WorkshopAt the Exploring Robotics Workshop hosted at the Peters Township Library, Titantium Titan team members helped groups of boys and girls entering grades 4th to 6th design and program a LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 robot to meet a design challenge. The Challenge was to detect and drive along a road with tricky obstacles like curves, color changes, a tunnel and speed bumps. The 30 student attendees had to program and design their robot for speed and efficiency. Although there were plenty of difficulties, each group was able to have their robot finish the course successfully in a four-hour timeframe.

Boy Scout Robotics Merit Badge Workshops

June 18, 2014, June 25, 2014 and August 14, 2014

Boy Scout Robotics Merit Badge WorkshopFor Boy Scouts, the Titanium Titans hosted three sessions of their Robotics Merit Badge workshops at the Western Area Career & Technology Center in Canonsburg, PA. While completing the merit badge requirements, Scouts got to design and build a VEX robot to compete in a SumoBOT competition against other scout teams.  With a little help from Titanium Titan robotics team members, they came up with an engineering design plan, constructed and wired their robots, learned about controller and motor functions, and programmed their bot for the competition. The day just wouldn’t be complete without a machine shop tour and a chance to drive the Titanium Titan’s 2014 competition robot, Promethius. Ninety scouts throughout southwestern PA participated in this workshop and had a blast earning their Robotics Merit Badge.

Just for Girls: Exploring Technology Workshops

July 18, 2014 and August 13, 2014

Just For Girls Robotics WorkshopAnother exciting offering hosted by the Titanium Titans was the “Just for Girls” Exploring Technology Workshop held at the Western Area Career & Technology Center in Canonsburg, PA. During two sessions this summer, a total of 45 girls met to build and program Lego Mindstorms, tour Western Area’s machine shop, and make a necklace piece by learning how to use a lathe. They also learned about STEM careers, saw a 3D printer in action and created their own LED-lit wearable patches using electronic thread, LEDs and a circuit board.

Elementary Science Olympiad Science Fair

Titanium Titan team members, in partnership with Creative Learning Collaborative Parent Volunteers, helped 15 elementary students learn the scientific method and discover how to do research and present a project. The culmination of the ESO event was a Science Fair presentation with a panel of judges, where students presented their hypothesis, their research and their experiment findings. Titanium Titans team members helped judge and offer encouragement to budding scientists in grades 4-6 as they showed off their Science Fair projects.

2013 Robotics Workshops

Elementary Robotics Workshops

The Titanium Titans robotics, in partnership with the Creative Learning Collaborative, hosted two Elementary Robotics Workshop for students in grades 4-8 based on the LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0 building set. Participants learned how to build and program a LEGO Mindstorm robot in just 4 hours. They also got the chance to drive the Titanium Titans FIRST team robot "Atlas" and find out how a person-sized robot is designed to perform a variety of functions. We had 50 students attend and they were completely engaged in building a LEGO Mindstorm Robot that could track a colored line course. Younger children built robotic alligators with motion sensor mouths that could chomp down on their fingers. As a result of these workshops, 25 students signed up to participate on an FLL or FTC team in the 2013/2014 school year, either through Snapology (FLL) or the Creative Learning Collaborative (FTC).

Elementary Science Olympiad (Sponsorship and Organization)

Titanium Titans team parents and students designed the first Elementary Science Olympiad Club in the South Hills of Pittsburgh in January, 2013. Team members volunteered their time weekly to help elementary students in grades 4-6 explore a wide variety of scientific topics at the Peters Township Public Library. The Club provided hands-on scientific exploration for 40 students from January to May, 2013, and culminated in the first ever Elementary Science Olympiad Competition in this area, held at McMurray Elementary in Peters Township. Students got to have fun with scientific topics such as  “Mystery Liquids”, “Crime Solvers - Who Dunnit”, “Catapults”, “Straw Tower Challenge”, “The Magic of Polymers”, “Chemical Processes”, “Egg Drop Challenge”. Of the 40 students participating in the ESO Club, 25 students went on to participate in the Titanium Titans sponsored Robotics Workshops held in the summer, and parents and students effused about how much they enjoyed participating in the Club. 

Intro to VEX Training

Tim Angert, Co-Coach of the Titanium Titans and Mechatronics Instructor for the Western Area Career and Technology Center (WACTC), hosted and led an introduction to VEX robotics training session at WACTC in June 2013 for the newly formed FIRST Tech Challenge  teams. This session allowed students to learn the basics of robotic build and programming prior to the start up of the FTC build season.

FIRST Tech Challenge Team Formation - Two Teams!

Coaches and Titanium Titans team members hosted a FIRST TECH CHALLENGE information meeting for 30 middle school students in grades 6-9  at the Western Area Career & Technology Center on May 24, 2013. As a result of this information meeting TWO FIRST Tech Challenge teams of 10 students each were formed – The Ariticial Intelligence Recruits (AIR) team #7058 and Tech-No-Logic team #7143. The Titanium Titans helped mentor these  FTC teams by hosting an FTC Game Kickoff event at WACTC on September 7, 2013  and providing student and adult mentors to help with weekly FTC game strategy. In addition, the Titanium Titans provided 501-C3 status and team organization help for the FTC teams to aid in fundraising, communication and mentor recruitment efforts.

Formation of FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Teams

The Titanium Titans, in concert with the Creative Learning Collaborative, have developed a partnership with Snapology Learning Center in Bethel Park, PA. Snapology is providing the structure and coaching for new FIRST LEGO LEAGUE teams formed as a result of the Robotics Workshops sponsored by the robotics team this summer. Titanium Titans team members will help mentor these newly formed FLL teams and provide a path of  progression in robotic building and design from FLL to FTC, then on to FRC at the highschool level.

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