ANA Panama Technology Project

The Titanium Titan Robotics Team is designing a program to help assist orphans housed in the ANA Panama transition homes in Panama.

In 2011, the Fundación ANA Panama, (Ayudando Niños Abandonados), was formally created in Panama, and Mario and Fernanda Herrera became the first set of house parents. The home was designed to provide a safe transition place for orphans that were not likely to be adopted through the traditional orphanage system. The house parents seek to provide love and a nurturing environment where older children and teens can develop life skills that will keep them off of the streets when they age out of the state system at the age of 16. Since the start of ANA Panama in 2011, 2012 was a year of growth as eight boys between the ages of 7 -14 transitioned from the orphanage into the first home. A second home was rented in August, 2012 and eight more boys are part of that home, transitioning from the orphanage by early 2013. Several girls have been identified as candidates and a girls home has been opened in the first half of 2013. The transition homes have Skype capability and a translator to communicate with their founding partner, The Bible Chapel in McMurray, Pennsylvania. As a team we can utilize that technology to create an ongoing link with the ANA Panama house parents and children to help develop their technical knowledge and skills. The following goals have been identified for the Titanium Titans in relation to supporting the young people transitioning out of Ana Panama at age 16:

  1. Get basic technology into their hands - organize a donation drive of LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0 kits and used Laptop computers able to run Windows '97 
  2. Experiment with the technology - Work with the transition homes to follow basic instructions in learning to build simple robots that move
  3. Increase their interest - for those interested in learning more, move into arduinos and other inexpensive programmable technology
  4. Learn about Technology Jobs in Panama - research the entry level job opportunities in technology within their country and design a path for training to help position ANA Panama graduates to be qualified for potential employment in the technology industry.

This is an ongoing project and a long-term commitment for the team. Learn more about ANA Panama here:

Titanium Titans Robotics