Titanium Titans winning Rookie Inspiration Award 2012
Titanium Titans winning Rookie Inspiration Award 2012

About Titanium Titans

The Titanium Titans are a high-school level FIRST Robotics Team dedicated to workforce development and establishing a pipeline of younger students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

We seek to:

  1. Get students’ hands on real industrial grade robotic technology to solve complicated engineering problems.
  2. Ignite the passion and desire to pursue technical careers, spanning the spectrum from high level engineering to maintenance technician.
  3. Create an environment that simulates a large scale technology/engineering company, while enabling students to learn important life lessons like teamwork, leadership, communication, project management and gracious professionalism.

Titanium Titans at the Canonsburg's 4th of July Parade
2nd Place @ WV Rox Competition - August, 2014

We accomplish these goals by participating in USFIRST Robotics competitions - designed to introduce young people to real-world engineering challenges through the fun and excitement of building robots to play a sophisticated sports-like game. But it’s more than just a game - team members face critical engineering design challenges that must be met within a short 6 week build season. They put their building, design, and programming skills to the test while learning new problem solving methods, and technology skills. In addition, they engage in a wide range of business applications such as fundraising, event management, press relations, business planning and project management. Effective communication and teamwork are key success factors in the FIRST world.

Titanium Titans at the Canonsburg's 4th of July Parade
Titanium Titans team memembers walking with their robots in Canonsburg's 4th of July Parade

In addition to high level robotics competitions, our team engages in numerous outreach activities during the year, such as sponsoring technology workshops for younger students, hosting local areas scrimmage events, showing off our robot at the Carnegie Science Center, participating in local area parades and community events, and much more. We love to get students excited about FIRST and all that they can learn through building robots!

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